Rules for publishing ads


1. General Provisions

  • In the rules for posting ads on the Site, the terms defined by the Agreement are used.
  • Placing ads on the site is governed by the agreement.
  • Violation of the rules, as well as the receipt of numerous user complaints about ads can lead to the blocking of both ads and the accounts of their owners.
  • Please note that all ads must comply with the rules, regardless of whether additional services (ad promotion) apply to them or not. Paid ads can also be blocked when violations are detected.


2. Terms of posting ads


  • The conditions can be changed at any time by the Administration without notifying the User. Using the service of free posting of Ads after making the appropriate changes means the unconditional consent of the User with them and establishes for him the appropriate obligations and responsibility for compliance with the Terms.
  • The Administration provides the User with the opportunity to post Product Ads on the Site on the terms and in compliance with the requirements established by these Terms, the agreement and other rules and documents governing the use of the site.
  • Placement of Ads is carried out by any User registered in the manner established by the Administration on the Site for free.
  • The administration has the right to set a limit on the number of free advertisements for certain categories and regions (limit). When this limit is reached, the placement of ads in the relevant categories and regions is carried out for a fee, on the Terms of paid ad placement.
  • All Ads posted by the User, the ability to edit, delete, remove from publication, activate, perform other actions with the Ads are available to the User in the Personal Account on the Site.
  • The Ads placed in accordance with these Rules are displayed in the search results in the general list simultaneously with the Ads of other Users, similar in content, query or other parameters of the Ads.


3. Obligations of the User


  • The Seller undertakes to post Advertisements in accordance with the instructions and provide accurate and complete information about the Product and the conditions of its sale (use, purchase, etc.). By placing an Advertisement, the User confirms that he has the right to dispose of the Goods or to carry out other actions in relation to the Goods specified in the Advertisement.
  • The user has the right to sell the Goods belonging to him, provided that this does not require special permissions, and also subject to the current agreement.
  • The user is obliged to independently make sure that the sale of the Goods does not violate the provisions of the current legislation and is allowed by the agreement, having familiarized himself with the content of the list of prohibited goods, the rules for placing ads, the requirements for Ads and other documents regulating the provision of Services on the Site.
  • The Seller is obliged to carefully check all information about the Goods specified in the Announcement, and, if incorrect and / or incomplete information is found, add the necessary information to the description and / or terms of sale of the Goods in the Announcement or correct the incorrect information by editing the Announcement.
  • The description of the Goods specified by the Seller in the Announcement, its cost and the offer to conclude a transaction in relation to the Goods constitute the terms of sale of this Goods.
  • Delivery terms must be included in the terms of sale of the Goods specified in the Announcement. The terms of sale and description of the Goods specified in the Announcement must not contradict the current legislation and the agreement, both at the time of placing the Announcement, and in the future, including possible changes to the Announcement, changes in the provisions of the current Israeli legislation and other circumstances.
  • The administration has the right to stop displaying any Ads at any time.


4. Compliance

  • The Administration can selectively check the Ads for compliance with the requirements of these Rules and the agreement at any stage of placing the Ads, both at the time of creating and sending the Ads for publication, and in the process of displaying it on the Site.
  • If the Announcement detects signs of violation of the provisions and requirements of the current Israeli legislation, the Administration has the right to refuse to place the Announcement - to stop displaying the Announcement, block it and provide the User with the opportunity to eliminate the violations, block the Ads without the possibility of editing it, and also restrict and / or block the User access to his Personal Account.


5. Warranties and liability

  • The user is responsible for compliance with the provisions of the current legislation of Israel when using the service for posting Ads provided for by these Rules, the agreement and other provisions established by the Administration and posted on the Site.
  • By placing an Advertisement in accordance with these Rules, the User guarantees that he has the necessary rights to the Goods in respect of which the offer is placed, to any actions with such Goods, including posting relevant information about the Goods on the Site.
  • The user is solely responsible for the sale of the Goods, the proposals for which are posted on the Site and any consequences thereof.
  • The Administration is not the Seller and / or intermediary of transactions made by Users based on the information received on the Site, and therefore is not responsible for any transactions concluded between Users when using the Site, and their consequences.
  • The User is responsible for the compliance of the Goods with the characteristics, quality, safety declared in the Announcement, as well as for the legality and ability of the Seller to sell the Goods.
  • All claims to the Goods, to the content of the Announcement, User information and any other requirements to the Seller within the framework of transactions concluded with such a Seller, based on the information posted by the Seller on the Site, are resolved by the Seller on their own and at their own expense, without the participation of the Administration, since the Administration is such transactions are not.
  • In view of the gratuitousness of using the service for placing Ads in accordance with these Rules, the provisions of the legislation on consumer protection do not apply to relations between the Administration and Users arising in connection with the use of the Site and the service specified in these Rules.